5 good reasons to use connected objects in daily life
July 12

5 good reasons to use connected objects in daily life

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Embedded sensors that track our lives

Improving the comfort and efficiency of daily life is easy with the range of connected objects now available. So-called "wearable technologies" turn clothes and accessories into intelligent objects with simple and discreet integrated sensors. By communicating with a dedicated smartphone application the sensors provide a wealth of useful information. Watches and other activity trackers offer many functions that keep an eye on our physical shape but sensors can do other things as well such as geolocating lost keys at the bottom of bags or tracking our suitcases as we travel.


Connected objects and the home

Automation services embedded into homes facilitate the remote management of many devices such as lighting. We can program the opening and closing of roller shutters as well as set heating hours from our smartphone or tablet. We quickly appreciate the effect these useful features have on energy bills. Connected objects also contribute to home security. Cameras can now differentiate between human and animal presences and you will receive a notification directly to your smartphone if an unexpected presence is detected.


Healthcare and connected objects

Health care is also at the heart of the connected revolution and everyday objects simplify our relationship with health through tailor-made monitoring. This inevitable balance keeps evolving and shifting. Yesterday, trackers carefully watched our weight now they can evaluate our heart rate. New toothbrushes can even assess how well we brush our teeth so decreasing or eliminating the risk of caries. Like the connected thermometer, all of these devices provide accurate measurements in real time that are then recorded on dedicated applications. In situations of disability or illness medical professionals can easily follow our health condition and care from a distance thus saving our time and theirs.


Bringing entertainment to you

The entertainment potential achieved with the Internet without even the need to open a computer is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Virtual helmets offer us the ability to join networks and play while objects around the home become broadcast channels on which you can receive SMS messages, listen to the radio or even watch episodes of the latest TV series that's got everybody talking.


The Internet of Things

We can see then that the Internet of Things or IoT offers the real advantage of data exchange in the provision of new services. The result? These developments facilitate the management of our shopping and other daily chores allowing us more time for our family life and leisure activities. Washing machines can be operated remotely with an application and the stock of food in our fridges monitored and managed, reordering supplies as necessary. Appliances that track our food stocks can even suggest recipes according to what's in our cupboards. A button placed on the front of any appliance allows it to be cleaned with just a single click while, as for our coffee machine, it knows exactly how we like our coffee! What's next?


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